Lab Blender Bags

Various products of Lab Blender Bags, providing product images and basic parameters with each Lab Blender Bags and Lateral Filter Bag; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Lab Blender Bags, and look forward to your cooperation!

Lab Blender Bags Description

Sorfa Lab Blender Bags are used as disposable laboratory consumables in a wide range. Applications vary from general blending purposes to samples preparation for analysis testing. For instance, it`s available for the dilution of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.


There are two types of Lab Blender Bags: lateral filter and full page filter. Lateral filter bags are sterile and equipped with a side filter, perfect for the microbiological analyses of fibrous samples. And for full page filter bags, they are also sterilized which content a full-surface filter. The function is as same as of filter bags for pasty samples. It`s the best option for microbiological analyses.


All Sorfa lab Blender Bags are packaged in bags with sterilization bags, RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic.